St Matthew's C.E Primary School

“I can do all things because Christ gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

Click on the folder below to find our Curriculum summaries for each subject taught at St Matthew's Primary School. 

Filename Size Date
       Art 2021-2022.docx 9.3MB 14/12/2021
       Computing and IT 2021-22.docx 720.2KB 14/12/2021
       Design Technology 2021 - 22.docx 573.6KB 14/12/2021
       Forest School 2021-22.docx 789.4KB 14/12/2021
       Geography 2021 - 22.docx 1022.6KB 14/12/2021
       Inclusion 2021 -2022.docx 522.2KB 14/12/2021
       Maths Priorities 2021-22.doc 759KB 14/12/2021
       PE 2021-22.docx 830.2KB 14/12/2021
       PSHE 21-22.docx 126.8KB 14/12/2021
       Science 2021-22.docx 975.5KB 14/12/2021
       SDP Summary 21-22 EYFS.doc 496.5KB 14/12/2021
       SDP Summary History 2021-22.doc 135.5KB 14/12/2021
       RE SDP Pictoral Summary 2021-2022.docx 680.2KB 14/12/2021
       Music Pictorial Summary 2020 21.png 1.3MB 15/12/2021