St Matthew's C.E Primary School

“I can do all things because Christ gives me strength” Philippians 4:13


Please see all of our school policies.

Filename Size Date
Accessibiliy 2023-2024.pdf 840.7KB 16/05/2024
Administration of Medication in School 2021.pdf 534.3KB 01/12/2021
Admissions Policy 2023 2024.pdf 419.6KB 18/01/2023
Admissions Policy 2024 2025.pdf 420.8KB 11/04/2024
Anti Bullying Policy 2021 2022.pdf 677.7KB 01/12/2021
Attendance Policy 2022 2023.pdf 359.6KB 17/08/2023
Behaviour policy 2023.pdf 4.1MB 25/09/2023
British Values Policy (1).docx 86.7KB 14/05/2024
Charging and Remissions Policy Feb 23.pdf 277.7KB 17/08/2023
Child on Child Abuse 2023 - 2024.pdf 408.1KB 19/09/2023
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2023-2024.pdf 726.9KB 20/05/2024
Complaints Procedure Feb 23.pdf 357.9KB 17/08/2023
Data Protection Policy Oct 2023.pdf 283.3KB 03/10/2023
Equality Policy 23.docx 73.2KB 20/05/2024
Freedom of Information Policy 2023.pdf 326.0KB 17/08/2023
Mobile Phone Policy 2023.pdf 244.4KB 17/08/2023
Physical Restraint Policy 2021 2022.pdf 528.4KB 01/12/2021
Privacy Notice Pupils 2023.pdf 98.6KB 04/10/2023
Privacy Notice Staff 2023.pdf 88.0KB 04/10/2023
Procedure for managing allegations Feb 23.pdf 500.7KB 16/04/2024
Race Equality Policy 22.docx 53.6KB 01/04/2022
RE assessment at St matts.docx 19.8KB 14/05/2024
RE Policy (1).docx 94.7KB 14/05/2024
RSE Policy - amended 2021 2022.pdf 325.5KB 01/12/2021
School Closure due to Snow Policy 2023.pdf 504.4KB 17/08/2023
SEND Policy 2023-2024.pdf 3.8MB 20/05/2024
SMSC Policy (1).docx 98.9KB 14/05/2024
Speak Up and Whistleblowing Policy.pdf 222.7KB 16/04/2024
spirituality policy.docx 26.4KB 14/05/2024
Staff Code of Conduct October 2023.pdf 201.4KB 10/05/2024
St Matthews Intimate Care Policy Dec 23 1.pdf 220.0KB 30/01/2024
temporary-changes-to-employees-privacy-notice.docx 20.8KB 20/08/2021
temporary-changes-to-schools-student-privacy-notice-due-t... 21.4KB 20/08/2021
Uniform Policy 2023 2024.pdf 130.7KB 17/08/2023
Worship Policy (1).docx 96.4KB 14/05/2024