St Matthew's C.E Primary School

“I can do all things because Christ gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

Knowledge Organisers

Here you will find the knowledge organisers for each RE unit taught in school. 

Knowledge Organisers are a summary of the key facts and essential knowledge that students need for a unit of work. 

Filename Size Date
KS1 How can I make a difference in the world.pdf 1.6MB 05/10/2021
KS1 How do Christians talk to God.pdf 127.6KB 05/10/2021
KS1 Parables of Jesus.pdf 113.0KB 05/10/2021
KS1 What are festivals of light.pdf 200.5KB 05/10/2021
KS1 What are festivals.pdf 292.3KB 05/10/2021
KS1 What do Hindus believe.pdf 534.9KB 05/10/2021
KS1 What do Muslims believe.pdf 316.9KB 05/10/2021
KS1 What is faith.pdf 175.5KB 05/10/2021
KS1 What-do-Jews-believe.pdf 272.9KB 05/10/2021
KS1 What do Christians Believe God is Like.pdf 255.2KB 05/10/2021
KS1 What is the Good News Jesus Brings.pdf 179.1KB 05/10/2021
KS1 When Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost.pdf 371.6KB 05/10/2021
KS1 Who Made the World.pdf 135.1KB 05/10/2021
KS1 Why Does Christmas Matter to Christians.pdf 405.5KB 05/10/2021
KS1 Why Does Easter Matter to Christians.pdf 69.0KB 05/10/2021
KS2 How do christians remember the last supper.pdf 102.9KB 05/10/2021
KS2 How do people express their faith through the arts.pdf 99.6KB 05/10/2021
KS2 Is life like a journey.pdf 81.9KB 05/10/2021
KS2 Parables of Jesus.pdf 113.0KB 05/10/2021
KS2 Racism - can religion help.pdf 104.9KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What does the word saint mean.pdf 101.1KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What is prayer all about.pdf 110.9KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What is prayer all about.pdf (1) 110.9KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What is the worldwide church.pdf 70.8KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What-are-the-five-pillars-of-Islam.pdf 349.2KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What-can-we-learn-from-a-Mandir.pdf 358.0KB 05/10/2021
KS2 Can following God bring freedom and justice.pdf 221.0KB 05/10/2021
KS2 Creation and Science. Conflicting or complimentary.pdf 122.1KB 05/10/2021
KS2 Was Jesus the Messiah.pdf 251.4KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What difference does the resurrection make to Christi... 69.9KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What do Christians learn from the creation story.pdf 122.8KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What does it mean if God is loving and holy.pdf 59.4KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What is it like to follow God.pdf 173.2KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What is kind of world did Jesus want.pdf 326.1KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What is the Trinity.pdf 82.2KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What kind of King is Jesus.pdf 165.6KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What would Jesus do.pdf 460.6KB 05/10/2021
KS2 When Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost.pdf 371.6KB 05/10/2021
KS2 Why do Christians call the day Jesus died 'Good Frida... 69.6KB 05/10/2021
KS2 What did Jesus do to save human beings UKS2.pdf 70.0KB 05/10/2021