St Matthews is very proud that its students wish to play an active part in the schools development and progress and to help facilitate this several groups are in place for student representatives to be given a place to discuss and voice their opinions and ideas on a variety of key areas.

The MATTERS groups are pupil-elected committees with representatives from every class, across the school. They meet termly to discuss issues affecting the school and its community, such as pupil well being, developing the school grounds and contributing to discussions concerning school policies and the continual development of St Matthew's.

A smaller, executive group made up of children from years 5 and 6 meets weekly with a staff member to discuss more immediate planning of activities and events.

Each meeting is fully minuted and is run by the elected senior members of the pupil council, comprising of: Chair, Secretary, Vice Chair, Associate Secretary and Proof Readers. All children are represented by one voice because "IT MATTERS".
The children in our InSpire group are from KS2 and nominated themselves as individuals who are enthusiastic to develop both the ethos of St Matthews School and promote the happiness and well being of others. They meet half termly to discuss ideas and are involved in the planning and delivery of school assemblies, services in Church and specific focuses such as ‘Inter-faith Week’. The group has already generated ideas which have made a difference to school life such as development of quiet areas around the playgrounds which can be used for reflection in play times.

We work together with adults in school to ensure that everyone feels safe and happy at St Matthew’s.

We are here for children to talk to if they feel:
  • Worried
  • Need a friend
  • Have troubles at home
  • Are worried about safety in school
  • Or just need someone to listen

We will be here to listen but we cannot keep secrets.
We work closely with Mrs Wilson and are aware of exactly what to do with information that is shared with us.

We have been chosen because we are good role models in school. As peer buddies we help on the play ground if children need cheering up if they are upset, need a friend or want someone to play with. We also help children to play games and teach them new games that they do not know. We wear high-vis jackets to stand out on the playground . We are on the playground everyday. The buddy benches are where children can go to if they need a Peer Buddy. If we see someone on the buddy bench we are there in a flash to help.

JRSO stands for Junior Road Safety Officer. We work together to raise awareness of road safety by giving talks in classrooms and taking assemblies. We organise safe and active activities that teach children in school how to stay safe when crossing the road. We also teach children about staying safe at night and when it is dark by teaching them to be bright to be seen. We also work with the PCSOs and the local council to help to improve safety on the roads around our school. We have been out and used the speed guns with the PCSOs and are holding a competition to design a road safety sign.
Our recently appointed team of librarians have been the driving force behind our World Book Day initiatives and ideas for further developing a love and enjoyment of reading at St. Matthew’s.

To further promote the ethos and attitude of a love for reading for purpose and pleasure, we regularly hold reading celebrations. To celebrate World Book Day all children were invited to come dressed as their favourite traditional tale character. In addition, children are often encouraged to enter Young Writer competitions where successful entries are presented in an official published book.