School Aims

Our school aims


1. To help pupils seek explanations. To investigate, to reason and reflect within an environment that encourages 'taking risks' and making decisions.


2. To help pupils to work with confidence and purpose by encouraging them to take responsibility for the initiation and development of many activities.


3. To help pupils to communicate through their work, whether in oral and/or written form, both during the process of creation and after arriving at the  'end result' with clarity and precision.


4. To provide a framework of both core and foundation subjects which enables and enhances purposeful learning across the curriculum, giving depth, breadth, balance and progression.


5. To develop positive attitudes towards themselves as part of a valued community and to respect/tolerate those with other beliefs and values.


6. To provide a consistently high level of pastoral care supporting pupils emotional, intellectual, moral, social and spiritual development.


7. To provide a relevant, balanced coherent curriculum with reference to National Curriculum documentation, LA policy statements and school based policies that currently exist.


8. To encourage children to work in a purposeful, well organised teaching environment regardless of age, ability, race, gender or social background and in doing so promote interest and enjoyment.

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